Be a part of the acceleration, problem solving, and empowerment of all
E-commerce stakeholders in Indonesia

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In 2016, as personally mentioned by President Jokowi, Indonesia has named itself the uprising New Digital Energy of Asia during the Indonesia E-Commerce Summit & Expo 2016. IESE 2016 has provide a place for numbers of stakeholders to share their knowledge and inspiration, also witnessed multiple businesses taking their first step into online commerce.

So what is next? After igniting the spark of digital economy by connecting more than 10.000 participants with 100 both local and international speakers, and 150 brands, we are on to a bigger challenge.


We aim to make 2017 as the year of participation, where we extend the reach and involve even wider stakeholders of e-commerce industry ranging from government, e-commerce player, supporting industries/brands and service industries to take part in discussion, sharing session, solution based workshop and exhibition. With the spirit of “Empowering the Digital Energy of Asia,” IESE 2017 is designed to further embed Indonesia’s position as Southeast Asia’s digital and economic powerhouse.

All of IESE 2017’s summit, workshops, and exhibitions are tailored to work beyond an inspiration pool, that is to engage you in the variety of discussions and activities centered around problem-solving to take you and your business to a higher level. Get your tickets now!

Changing the approach: Participation is about connecting stakeholders


How can IESE 2017 helps to accelerate the implementation of digital economy roadmap in Indonesia


How can IESE 2017 helps to empower all stakeholders to participate in growing the E-commerce industry

Problem Solving

How can IESE 2017 helps in solving major problems and challenges in the industry today

IESE 2017 Stakeholders: Extending Our Reach

Where We Will Be

IESE will be held at The Indonesia Convention Exhibition in BSD City, located a few miles from jakarta.

ICE - Indonesia Convention Exhibition Jl. BSD Grand Boulevard Raya No. 1
BSD City Tangerang, 15339 Indonesia
+62 21 29714600
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